Our History

African Immigrant Families Together (AFIFAT) is a non-profit, 501(C) 3 organization dedicated to supporting African immigrant families as they navigate the difficult transition to American society. AFIFAT was founded in 2020 by the Christelle Patricia Tsakou, an immigrant from Cameroon living in the Dallas area, after she was alarmed by several instances of domestic violence within the African immigrant community. In response, AFIFAT seeks to support healthy families by promoting strong communities, creating a forum for discussing challenges, and connecting people to appropriate social services. Although currently based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the organization has a global online presence.

Christelle Patricia along with other immigrants and refugees realized there was lack of support system for African immigrant families in America, no mediation system in place to help eradicate crisis in the whole African community.
That’s why Afifat was created.
Afifat is a call for change!
Afifat is a call to action to prevent crisis, death, destruction in our community.
Afifat is a mouvement that raises awareness on mental health and promotes the stability of children.

At Afifat, we take pleasure in strengthening, supporting, guiding, educating one African family at a time.
That’s why, we put programs in place to help African immigrants adapt, overcome fear of Cultural pressure, overcome domestic abuse, language barriers, and help save relationships that are getting so vulnerable due to cultural and Immigration threats.

Afifat provides resources and language literacy to help our community successfully integrate and facilitate inclusion in the American society.
By addressing social issues such as Mental health, Domestic abuse, concerns for the safety of children, self-blame, prevalence of abuse against women, prevalence of abuse against men, relevancy to counseling psychology, recognizing and acknowledging the danger of abuse, the cycle of violence and victimization, consideration for alternative methods, health consequences on domestic violence, feeling safe and cared for, developing a sense of self, and much more, we are hoping to reduce the devastating impact domestic violence has on the life of survivors in the African immigrant community.