• Integration To America ( ITA Program)

Mission: Facilitating Integration

Through Guidance and support, ITA  program assists newly arrived African immigrant to the US, in properly navigating resources to facilitate integration to the new culture. This service will be provided by AFIFAT team members through support groups and individual coaching.


  • English Literacy Skills Program (ELS Program)

Mission: Effective English Communication

AFIFAT believes that effective communication is crucial to a successful integration. One of the major challenges some African Immigrant face is Language Barrier. ELS program resolves this challenge by offering English classes unlimited to speaking and writing, designed to promote effective communication in facilitating reintegration.



  • Mediation Program

Mission: Resolving Marital Conflicts

Our primary mission is to prevent divorce. The African Culture believes in seeking advice from elders or professionals on the subject. AFIFAT understands many couples face challenges based on issues of communication, financial matters, raising children, faithfulness, and trust. AFIFAT engages in the role of liaison in mediating conflicts between couples to promote unity and stability.


  • Welfare Assistance Program (WAP Program)

Mission: Eradicating Poverty

AFIFAT understands that poverty can have a negative effect in families. Through the WAP program, AFIFAT takes upon the responsibilities of  assisting African Immigrant Families in financial struggles, by conducting fundraisings and connecting them to appropriate welfare resources.




Mission: Providing Safe and Healthy Environment for Children

AFIFAT is aware that one of the most challenging aspect in families is inadequate assistance in children care. Through this program, AFIFAT works as a community to connect families with similar challenges through exchanging information to ensure appropriate childcare. AFIFATCARES also educates families about appropriate ways of raising children in America and avoiding allegations of abuse and neglect. Additionally, AFIFATCARES works with African Immigrant youths by providing guidance to assist in a proper transition from a child to an adult.


  • Financial Mentorship Program

Mission: Thriving in America

African Immigrants travel to America not to survive but thrive. AFIFAT mentorship program provides one on one assistance to assist individuals and families to achieve their financial goals and build wealth through investment and entrepreneurship.


  • Women’s Support Group (WSG Program)

Mission: To Empower African Women

Women continue to struggle with gender inequality, abuse, and domestic violence. WSP program is designed to assist women to build and support each other, to better cope with issues of gender inequality in society, as well as some of the challenges they face in their household in areas of parenting, marriage, raising children and more.


  • Men’s Support Group ( MSG Program)

Mission: Empowering African Men

The African Culture obliges men to carry the role of Head of the Household. This heavy responsibility can often be burdensome and create high level of stress in men, which often have negative effects such as verbally/physically/emotionally abusing spouses, alcoholism, abusing children with excessive beating and more. MSG program is designed for men to share, discuss issues and coming up with solutions with the goal of maintaining a safe and healthy home.