Hope – Africans relocate to the United States to seek better lives and opportunities. However, that journey can be very challenging, sometimes leading to disappointment and the loss of hope.

AFIFAT seeks to restore that hope by promoting stable families and a sustainable life.

Unity – AFIFAT believes that there is power in unity and that the individual and collective health of the African immigrant community is essential to that unity. AFIFAT strives to support immigrant families by promoting social networks and connecting them to needed services.

Resiliency – We believe that our community is resilient and can overcome the challenges of adaptation and assimilation to the West. AFIFAT promotes resiliency by directing families in crisis to important educational, social, and, where necessary, psychological resources.

Integrity – AFIFAT seeks to establish trust within the African immigrant community by supporting the dignity of individuals and families, consistently and honestly.

Commitment – AFIFAT is steadfastly committed to these values and to the support of healthy African immigrant families.